My three Pennies

Your doll is special to you and can be returned to her former glory.  Dr. Deb at Deb's Doll Repair works on most types of dolls.   Depending on the repair, some are completed quickly, but  some may take longer to locate missing parts, or to complete severe spa treatments.  There have been occasions where it took a year to find parts.  If parts are difficult to find, substitutions may be made with your approval.

Now Re-stringing and Restoring American Girl Dolls!  

Please TEXT 859-878-9915 if your doll needs repairs, restoration or clothing.  You should send pics with a text to the number above.   

You may also contact me via my email:
Please include as many pics as needed to relay the doll's condition. 

Please peruse the site and enjoy the pictures!

Debs Doll Repair is formerly 
Deb's Doll World.  

Debs Doll Repair gets the job done!