February 22, 2014  

This icon came to visit for repairs.  Poor girl was hit by a car that drove through the picture window at the Beauty Salon where she models.

After some Milliput and quite a few coats of paint, she will be ready to wait on her streetcar once again.  

More pictures in her gallery below:

April 19, 2014        

This young man came in from the owner as an "old Roddy doll."  He turned out to be a Kestner 142, lovely but really beaten up.  His body is supposed to be composition, but it was a chalk plaster over composition.  Hopefully, this doll's head was not put on a different body but none the less he cleaned up really well.  

In his before pictures, the arm ball of had completely separated from the doll's arm socket.  Whoever had re-strung this doll prior to his owner's purchase used a thick covered elastic string which should have been used on a 36" doll.  

The ball was re-attached to the arm and the arms restrung and he turned out as a happy camper.  

This Patty Playpal had been severely abused and neglected when she arrived for her visit.  Her clothing was tattered and dirty.  I was afraid that there was no hope for her.  She turned out beautifully.  In addition to normal cleaning, sun spa and re-stringing, a few strands of hair were re-rooted in her head and air-brush blush lightly applied.  


April 23, 2014

Babby Chrissy, Ideal 1972, has come for a visit.  She has darkened over time, has a few spots on her face and is missing her arm!!!!   Stay tuned for her makeover.  You can see her spa treatments on the Current Visitor page.


March 30, 2014

Lady brought in doll to have head reattached.  This is a Mama doll head on a Saucy body.  Someone painted the hair a very deep brown.  She did not look too feminine.  Suggested a pigtail wig to the customer who decided she wanted the wig.   

June 30, 2014   

Sometimes I get so excited about working on dolls that I forget to take "before" pictures.  Such was the case for this lovely American Character Sweet Sue asAlice (1957) and Miss Revlon.  Their "after pictures are displayed...just wish I had the before. 

July 1, 2014

This 12" Shirley Temple came in need of ball point ink removal from the body and a hair re-style.  She is coming along nicely but isn't finished. 

To see more pictures go to More Before and After Pictures.